Mas Amor Movement: Challenge #2

With the goal of Mas Amor Movement being to come together and spread more love, Challenge # 1 was a total success.  Every single comment that brought a random smile to someone you care about was a win so, thank you!

Now let's take that momentum, add a little more loving, and get ready for Challenge # 2!  

CHALLENGE #2 : WEEK OF FEBRUARY 12TH (thru Sun., 18th)

Instagram Challenge Spread More Love Movement
Love Challenge Mas Amor Movement
Mas Amor Movement
  • Post any of above images on your Instagram account (ASAP, preferably before Monday) asking your followers to join the Challenge and don't forget to include the below steps in your caption: 
  1. Take a picture of what you are gifting them along with the hashtag #MasAmorMovement written somewhere in the image.  You can write the hashtag on a post-it note, on the water bottle, on a piece of paper... Be as simple or creative as you like just don't forget to display the #MasAmorMovement hashtag in your picture. 
  2. Post your photo and hashtag #MasAmorMovement so we can all enjoy each act of love that is being put out there!

After each challenge, I will feature the Top 5 Collaborator's on my blog (including links back to your blog's and Instagram account's).  You may also be featured on my Instagram story along with the chance of being featured on my feed.  I hope you're as excited as I am for this and ready to start spreading MAS AMOR! 

Let's do this!

XOXO, Ana Jacqueline

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