ana jacqueline

Originally launched in 2015 as a way of inspiring others to stick to their fitness journey, my blog is so much more today.  Yes, I am still proud of my transformation but life, today, is way more than eating healthy and exercising.

Life for me is also being in love, it's being a Mami, it's traveling, it's being a powerful woman and owning it, it's making mistakes.  Oh, so many mistakes.  It's experiencing all the ups and downs in this Wonderland we call life.  Yes, I want to continue motivating you even if it's to get to the gym that specific day but I also want to share pieces of the rest of my life with you.

Ana Jacqueline is a woman's lifestyle site that covers motherhood, fitness & nutrition, relationships, travel, and many of life's random topics of interest.  

Who am I, you ask?

I'm Ana Jacqueline.  I cry about everything,  I laugh just as hard.  I worry about nobody's opinions but care about everybody.  According to my friends and family I am a drama queen although I beg to differ.  I love reading.  I'm a big foodie.  I want to travel the world.  And to merengue and bachata beats, I can dance all night.

Ana Jacqueline


Brooklyn, New York