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Cars, Planes, and Trains Birthday Party!

This past weekend was Achilles "Cars, Planes, and Trains" Birthday and needless to say, he absolutely loved it!  I don't like sticking to the typical birthday themes and being that he is obsessed with everything that goes, we knew this was the perfect theme for his 2nd Birthday.  Here's what we came up with.


For the past few years, I've done my cakes with Sara's Cakes because she is just amazing!  She took my vision and made it even better with this gorgeous 2-shaped track and even included the sky which just made it more amazing.


I love DIY projects, especially when they have to do with my babies so when I saw Stop Light Goodie Bags on Etsy, I decided I'd make them myself.  Bought these Black Craft Bags from Oriental Trading and construction paper and glue sticks from the dollar store to make these adorable goodie bags.  They were super easy to make and the kids loved them.

My favorite thing inside the goodie bags were these gliders.  Spitfire MKI models for the boys and these  "You Rock" ones I fell in love with (on sale from Valentine's Day) for the girls.


At my local Party Fair I rain into these number 2 shaped foams and thought they would be perfect.  I bought three '2' foams along with red, yellow, and green hairspray and in just a few minutes had these cute pieces to add to the Birthday decor.

Spare Wheels

This isn't exactly DIY but  I bought Entenmann's mini donuts and adorned them with these reusable checkered flag tips to give them a genuine spare wheels look that I knew the kids would love.

Ready, Set, Go!

To really top off the transportation theme, I incorporated a mix of black & white checkered table cloths with blue table cloths and added toy cars, planes, and trains to the tables.  By the end of the party, Achilles' had collected all the ones other kids hadn't yet picked up haha!  I also had these train popcorn boxes (which I sadly forgot to photograph during the birthday party!).  And finally, I added the planes, trains, traffic signals and race flag lollipops you see in above pictures.

Hope you enjoyed our take on the Cars, Planes, and Trains Birthday theme and maybe even got some inspiration for your own future parties!  Now tell me, what has been your favorite birthday theme for your child?

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