Halloween Costumes Through The Years

Take a quick trip down memory lane with me as I share some of my Halloween costumes through the years. If you haven’t decided on a Halloween costume yet, maybe these will get your beetle juices flowing.

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diy scary doll costume

DIY Scary Doll Halloween Costume

This DIY Scary Doll Halloween costume was literally a last minute creation with pieces I had in my closet. Didn’t really achieve the scary part but it served its purpose. The dress was a gift that I probably would never have otherwise wore (sorry!). The hot pink stockings I had bought and used earlier that year for La Vega’s Carnival in Dominican Republic. Red boat shoes, pink ribbon in hair and worked what little I know about makeup and finished up the doll look. Not too shabby, I’d say, for an on the spur of the moment DIY halloween costume.

Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman costume

I am Wonder Woman. I mean, aren’t we all in our own way? So my Wonder Woman costume was more of a way to show off my alter ego on Halloween night. Notice any similarities to doll costume? Because the tutu was insanely short on me, I used the same pink stockings as I did to complete the doll costume.

naughty nun & priest

Naughty Nun and Priest Halloween costumes | Nun and Priest costumes | Couples Halloween costumes | Nun Halloween costume | Priest Halloween costume |www.AnaJacqueline.com

I still don’t know how Argenis convinced me to go through with this one. We were at Spirit looking for Halloween costumes and he came with the priest costume which of course I just laughed at and he put back. Once he saw the nun costume, though, it was a sealed deal in his mind and of course it was just too good to not play along with. So yeah, now that I really think about it, I realize it didn’t take much work on his behalf to convince me.

lazy halloween costume

Our first Halloween with Achilles and while he was a monster (the cutest monster I’ve ever seen, might I add), I didn’t even think of us dressing up. So I just threw on my Wonder Woman costume with superhero leggings this time for the Super Mami look and Argenis threw on a wig and I just called him La Bori (puerto-rican lady) the rest of the night! haha I’ll blame this one on us being first time parents.

Mr. and Mr. Grouch, Cookie Monster & Cookie

Best Family Halloween Costume

This one you have already seen but it’s my favorite not only because it was our first Halloween as a family of four but also because how much more cuter than this could we have been?! Mr. and Mrs. Grouch, Cookie Monster and Cookie was such a hit for us last year.

2018 family halloween costume

You’ll have to wait and see but I’m thinking we did good with the family themed Halloween costumes we’re going with this year. HINT: afro and top hat.

Any idea on what our costumes will be?

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