Dip it low... Bring it up slow...

When it comes to building a fit and well-proportioned body, we must train each and every muscle.  A big mistake many guys at the gym make is only training their upper bodies while completely ignoring their lower halves (Note to men: we also love nicely defined legs and booty).  Women, on the other hand, we train our lower half while forgetting about our chubby arms.  I'll admit that for years I wouldn't work upper body thinking it was something only men had to do (I honestly don't know where we get these ridiculous notions from). 

Now that I have made that clear; if for any reason I had to pick only one exercise to do, it would definitely be squats.

Yeah, I know what I just said but squats are without a doubt one of the most effective and versatile exercises out there.  Front squats, back squats, grand plie, sumo squat, butt to heel, curtsy squat, squat jump, wall squat and the list goes on.  With more than 30 variations, you can work your body in so many different ways.  While strengthening your legs and giving them that sexy sculpted look, you can also work on your core muscles (front and overhead squats), improve your balance (single leg), sculpt a rounder booty (YAYY!!!!) and the muscle stretching required in squats will improve circulation which will help decrease cellulite (double YAYY!!!).

Now before you run off and start squatting away, remember that form is very important to avoid any injuries.  Never let your knees go out farther than your toes, make sure to squat down to a minimum of a 90 degree knee bend and never round out your back.  In the pictures below, I am using a barbell for added weight but for my beginners, start squatting with just your own bodyweight until you have nailed down proper form.  Start with legs open shoulder width apart or wider, squat down slowly poking booty out and see how low you can really go.  Eventually you'll be dipping it low and bringing it up slowly like it's nothing.  Don't forget to give the booty a nice squeeze before going back down.  And remember, that burning sensation is only a reminder that you're doing it right.  

Embrace the pain, loves!  'Til next time.