Morir Soñando: Dominican Drink of Your Dreams

Anybody with any ties to the Dominican Republic will very likely boast about the island’s beloved Morir Soñando drink. Literally meaning to die dreaming, this unusual mix of orange juice and milk could not have a more appropriate name as this silky mix is truly what dreams are made of.

There isn’t a definite answer on how the famous Dominican drink, Morir Soñando, got its name but most people who have savored it agree that the name came from it being so good that people that can happily die dreaming after having a cup.

A simple recipe consisting basically of orange juice, milk, vanilla and sugar, the real trick lies in the special order of preparation and making sure both milk and orange juice are cold before mixing. If not, you will end up with leche cortá (curdled milk) which is certainly not what you want!

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Jacqueline Frias