Confessional: Pregnancy Weight Gain II (yes, again)

Part II of Confessional: Pregnancy Weight Gain.

I've been stuffing my face with pizza about two times a week, I'm not eating enough lean meats or veggies, I am eating way too much bread, I haven't worked out a complete 5 days a week in... I can't remember how long, I have gained a total of about 8-10 pounds in my pregnancy (4 1/2 months) and I am starting to feel fat!

They say letting it all out helps you feel better, but uhm, not really.  I know what I should be eating and doing but the truth is I am just not doing it.  I have to push myself a lot of times to workout and healthy food isn't as appealing as it was to me pre-pregnancy.  Now that I'm 19 weeks though, and almost half way there, I am determined to focus a bit more on doing what's good for me and baby.  That means a little less pizza and a lot more grilled chicken, avocado and brown rice (sounds yummy right now, actually).

I know weight gain is inevitable (if you haven't already, check out my post "Eating for Two" on healthy weight gain range we should aim towards) and obviously I can't over exert myself while pregnant but it's time to slowly step back into my healthier and a bit more active routine.  Part of the reason I decided to post this confessional was to put myself out there and let you know it's ok to fall off as long as we realize we have fallen and understand when it's time to jump back on.  Plus, it motivates me even more to really keep my word.

On that note, cheers (non-alcoholic of course) to keeping my promise and having a fabulous and healthy remainder of my pregnancy along with all you other fellow pregnant Mamacita's.  'Til next time lovelies!

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