5 Goal-Setting Tips for the New Year

Christmas is over, 2017 is officially coming to an end, and there is just no way you're not thinking about what this past year meant in your life and what your goals and desires for 2018 are.  How about this year we do it together (sort of) and follow these 5 simple, goal-setting tips to making 2018 the first year we actually follow through with our resolutions.


Make it Fun

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Take yourself to your happy, relaxed place.  Light a fire and serve yourself a glass of wine, put on some feel good music, cozy up in your favorite blanket with a cup of coffee.  Set up an environment that makes you happy.


Set goals for all areas in your life

We typically tend to focus too much on the areas in our lives where we want to see changes and forget about the parts that we feel are ok.  Life is about constant evolution though, so take a look at every important aspect in your life and how you can improve it.  Finances, career, family, spirituality (whatever it means to you), love, health, and personal growth are all important sectors to pay attention to.


Don't forget your Bucket List

Create a list of places you want to go, things you want do and things you want to acquire.  Check off another country on your bucket list, buy the shoes that are too expensive but you've always dreamed of owning.  

At least once a year, really splurge and spoil yourself.  You deserve it!


One step at a time

Of course it would be nice to get your desired body, obtain a job making double your current salary, and buy your first house, all in under 12 months but if you're not more specific and break it down into easy, attainable steps you might never actually make them your reality.  Starting off with: I will go to the gym 4 times a week, I will revise my resume and apply for better paying jobs in my skill set, I will put aside 10% of my check for my house down payment; are much easier goals to follow through with.


Stick to It

Too many times we create a goal, start off super excited doing everything we need to do to reach it and before we know it, it's been a month and realize we have done absolutely nothing in that direction.  Instead of giving up and leaving it "for next year", forget the self pity party and get right back to it.


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