Working out for two

Even though an increasing amount ofoctors are recommending it and more expecting mothers are becoming comfortable with it, a lot of women are still scared about working out during their pregnancy. 

How much is too much?  What exercises should I avoid for now?  What if I hurt the baby?

Like I've said before, it's ok to continue with your regular physical activities during your first trimester (avoiding contact sports like boxing and high risk activities like horseback riding) as long as you don't over exert yourself and you make sure to keep yourself hydrated before, during, and after your workout.  

If, on the other hand, you are new to exercising than this is not the time to give it all you've got.  Instead, start off with 10-15 minute walks or stationary bicycling until you build it up to 30 minutes a day.  This is a perfect way to increase your activity level and help alleviate the unwanted pregnancy back pains while boosting your energy level and preventing excess weight gain.


People are way more open minded about women working out during pregnancy but once that baby bump starts to show, I am pretty sure we'll get to enjoy side glares and one or two comments on if we're sure our exercise routine isn't hurting our baby.

With that said, once you enter your second trimester, as I have (15 weeks) you will have to make some exercise adjustments.  You want to avoid exercises where you are lying on your back, no yoga back bends or inverted poses, and no high intensity aerobic/cardio routines..  Main thing for second trimester is to listen to your body, decrease the intensity, increase the rest periods and once again, drink lots of water.  Also remember that getting a workout in doesn't necessarily mean going to the gym.  A nice swim if you have access to a pool, yoga session at home, or sweet walk with your love for even 30 minutes are great ways to fit in your exercise for the day.

While working out for two, keep it fun and let's not forget to really enjoy our pregnancy.  

Have you worked out during your pregnancy?  If you have, what's been your favorite prenatal exercise?  Have you gotten any negative remarks about exercising while pregnant?

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