5 Bachelorette Party Ideas

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Last weekend was my Bachelorette celebration and I couldn’t have asked for anything better. My squad did their thing and planned out the whole day perfectly. From straight relaxation mode to full party mode, all in one day. If you’re a Maid of Honor of Bridesmaid with Bachelorette planning duties, here’s our full day breakdown so you can get ideas for throwing your Bride-To-Be a bachelorette celebration she won’t forget!


All I knew about the day ahead was that I needed a bathing suit and a party dress. I must confess that with so much wedding planning, it was extra nice to not have to worry about anything with the Bachelorette party. By 9am we were all in my house ready to get the party started as we headed off to Spa Castle.

Before we got started, my MOH crowned me with a veil, had the girls choose the most fitting sash and gave us No Regrets Bachelorette Survival Kit. Ohhh, did those come in handy!

Personalized Bridesmaid Sashes.jpg
Bridesmaid Survival Kit.jpg

We hung out on the rooftop heated pool before kicking relaxation up a notch in the sauna valley. These are different rooms, including the Gold Sauna which is made up of 98% gold, each with its own healing benefits. We enjoyed a drink and some finger food before jumping back into the pool for a bit before it was time to head off to our next adventure for the day.


When we arrived at our next location and found a guy, with a flirty attitude, at the door telling us we were at the right place, I’ll admit I got a little nervous haha. I was so excited when we walked upstairs into a beautiful little art studio. So refreshingly airy, the hostess welcomed us with cheese platters and wine. Perfecto!

Nude Model Painting

Once we all took a seat we were presented to our model and as Bride-To-Be was asked to go upfront and de-robe him! Fulfilling my duties, I obliged! The whole experience was so much fun and never not tasteful. We had different practice drills to warm up with our sketches. Different poses from the model. Our cups were never empty as they made sure to walk around and refill everyone’s glass and we even got a little break before the main drawing drill.

Nude Model Painting
The Artful Bachelorette

Once our last piece was complete, each of the bridesmaids picked their favorite sketch and wrote a message to me which the hostess turned into a keepsake for me! I don’t know how but I ended up losing it before the night was over, without even getting to read their messages, and thought I might cry! At least I didn’t lose my own sketches, but still.

Nude Model Painting
The Artful Bachelorette
The Artful Bachelorette.jpg
Bachelorette Party Ideas

Below is my best sketch. What you think, born artist?


Nude Model Painting.jpg

From Artful Bachelorette we headed to Selena Rosa, a Mexican restaurant. We laughed, some even cried (myself included haha -we can blame it on the alcohol) but we had a great time. Enjoyed some yummy food and drinks while we hung out and had plain out fun girl talk time.

We all changed into our party outfits and headed off to get the night life started.


Hunk O Mania.jpg

This was when the more traditional Bachelorette party shenanigans began! The only thing I would’ve done differently here was wear a jumpsuit instead of dress because… well, yeah, male strip club. We had so much fun though. I was pulled onto stage with a couple other Bridesmaids for a special dance and show and the rest of the night was lead by typical bachelorette party at a strip club behavior. Safe to say we had a blast.

Bachelorette Party Ideas | Bachelorette Party | Bachelorette Ideas | Girls Day Ideas | Bachelorette Trip Ideas | Bachelorette | Maid Of Honor duties | Wedding Countdown | www.anajacqueline.com


Once Hunk-O-Mania show was over, we stepped out and went back into what transforms back into Copa Cabana to finish the night off dancing. As typical Latinas, we love to dance so it was the perfect ending to the perfect Bachelorette celebration.

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