Travel Guide to Costa Rica: Pura Vida

From zip-lining and feeling like I could almost touch the clouds and horseback riding through the forest, to being around wildlife like it was no biggie, Costa Rica was our dream honeymoon destination for the adventure and romance we were seeking.

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Thinking of Costa Rica makes my soul smile! I zip-lined, drank the best coffee I’ve ever tasted, spotted monkeys, raccoons and even a toucan from afar! Costa Rica was the perfect outdoorsy wonderland adventure my husband and I hoped for on our honeymoon. Whether you’re looking for a romantic getaway for two, a family vacation or a kid-friendly escape, I have created a sort-of travel guide to Costa Rica based on everything we were able to experience. Pura Vida!


Choosing the right resort, Airbnb or whatever place you decide to make home for the duration of your trip is essential. One of the things we wanted for our honeymoon home was a swim-out pool from our room because, well, a private swim-out pool needs no justification.

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Top-shelf liquors all around, couples massage and hydrotherapy spa, private beachfront dinner, all while being surrounded by the most beautiful and lush forest. Monkeys, pretty birds and even raccoons were some of the animals that weren’t too shy to come up close and personal. A couple of nights we even got to sleep with the monkey hoots which was actually quite nice.

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Sunsets are always beautiful but in Costa Rica, it was just breathtaking. Every single night we were gifted with splendid views.

Guanacaste Costa Rica sunset.jpg

Being that Guanacaste is composed of tropical dry forests, I was able to walk through cacti and just take a few steps before I was right back in the ocean!

cacti Cosa Rica.jpg
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Looking to check off a few items on our bucket list while enjoying some of the thrilling opportunities Costa Rica has to offer, we went on a one-day excursion to Buena Vista Lodge. We zip-lined, went down the craziest water slide I’ve ever been on, enjoyed a delicious lunch while enjoying the gorgeous view, rode horses, covered ourselves in volcanic mud and took a dip in natural hot springs.

Costa Rica | Guanacaste, Costa Rica | Costa Rica Travel Guide | Costa Rica Travel | Costa Rica vacation | Costa Rica honeymoon | Costa Rica adventure | Central America travel |


What better place than in the middle of gorgeous tropical forest, to zip line down eight different lines for the first time ever?! The adrenaline with trying something new and the breathtaking views from atop was worth the initial nerves of knowing I was literally in the air in the middle of the rain forest.

zip lining Costa Rica.jpg


Costa Rica coffee.jpg

Fun fact that I learned is that Costa Rica is the only country where, since 1989, it’s illegal to produce any kind of coffee other than 100% Arabica, the highest quality of coffee beans! Hands down, the best coffee I’ve ever tasted and paired with some of their typical snacks of quesadilla (a delicious sweet version), pan and queso, it was the perfect coffee break between adventures. We brought home a couple of different brew coffee bags for ourselves and now I only regret not having bought more!

Costa Rican coffee.jpg
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Unlike my husband (don’t know how long before I get used to the fact that he is now my husband!) who rode a horse for the first time at 4 years old, I love the idea of learning to ride horses but had only done it once before Costa Rica.

Costa Rica horse back riding.jpg

Regardless of whether or not you have experience riding horses, this is perfect for you because the horses are trained to carry newbies. It only took me a couple minutes to relax and trust my horse Aguadito who took me through the forest until we reached the natural hot springs!


Starting off with a 10-minute sauna session to open up our pores, we then covered ourselves from head to toe in volcanic mud. A mud bath is supposed to detoxify your body, relieve muscle and joint aches as well as soften your skin so you better believe we covered ourselves completely in the mud!

Volcanic Mud Bath Costa Rica.jpg

Once the volcanic mud dried off, we washed off before finally completely relaxing in the natural hot springs. Once again surrounded by one of the most beautiful, green and lush, rainforest I’ve ever seen.

Costa Rica rainforest.jpg


Full-day trip to Nicaragua was a no-brainer for us. A country that many are afraid to venture to because of its political corruption, Nicaragua actually has so much to offer. Our one-day trip to Nicaragua was undoubtedly one of the highlights of our whole trip with standing over an active volcano and seeing actual magma, the peak of our day! Seeing an active volcano from up close as we did is something you have to experience for yourself.

Masaya Volcano.jpg

In Nicaragua, we also went to El Mercado de Masaya, enjoyed a shot of their famous Flor de Caña while cheering to Diacachimba! (used whenever something is f*ing awesome!). We their typical dish of Gallo pinto and carne, and even enjoyed a horse carriage ride around the city of Granada. I will be sharing a complete post on Nicaragua next week!

Costa Rica, Pura Vida indeed!

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Costa Rica | Guanacaste, Costa Rica | Costa Rica Travel Guide | Costa Rica Travel | Costa Rica vacation | Costa Rica honeymoon | Costa Rica adventure | Central America travel |