The Best Things About Being A Middle Child

The Best Things About Being A Middle Child | Middle Child | Middle Children Are The Best | #MiddleChild | #middleChildProblems | #MiddleChildren |

Thank you Marvin and David. Apparently, it is thanks to the two of you that I am an eternal optimist, have so much self confidence, that I know that being bossy and demeaning doesn't get you very far in life, that I have great negotiation skills, that I can keep the peace... just to mention a few of the benefits I have been bestowed with just because I was lucky enough to be the middle child. [It's actually 5 of us in total, but it was us three who grew up together.]

As a middle child, I really did get the best of both worlds.  A cool, older brother to look up to and a fun, younger brother to mentor (although they are both fun and cool.  See?  There I go... making sure to keep things peaceful).

middle child best.jpg

Here are four more reasons being the Middle Child is the best:

  • We are masters of creativity.

  • We are great at improvising stories (like that time I won the Spanish Spelling Bee).

  • We are the glue to the family. As a Middle Child, you make sure to have family gatherings as much as possible. And if there's a family issue, you're most likely right in the middle trying to make the peace.

  • We are very puntual. (Uhm... I don't know what happened here because the punctuality trait skipped me and all of my siblings).

Are you the first born, middle, or younger child?  And what traits do you relate to your unique position in your family?

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