Boho Floral Elephant Baby-Shower + Nursery

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The moment we started thinking of a baby shower theme for Jade Avery, I became obsessed with the floral bohemian look.  Summer baby, our first girl, at the park, it was just the perfect mix of romanticism and new beginnings.  

Of course things don't usually play out exactly how you envision, especially with outdoor events, so on that Saturday morning... it was raining!

Luckily we have a boxing gym and loads of tables and chairs in storage (I know, I know, we got super lucky!), so a lot of last minute calls and our Floral Bohemian Boxing Gym Baby Shower turned out beautifully.  My fiancé and I actually met through boxing (after I signed up for Boxing lessons with him) so it was a nice twist to welcoming our baby girl.


Elephants being known for their close-knit families led by the matriarch might be the reason that for years, elephant nurseries have been so popular.  For me, it was the fact that the elephant is a symbol of strength, power, stability, wisdom, and general good luck.  I just couldn't let go of the bohemian floral vibes, so mix up both looks and that's how Jade Avery's Boho Floral Elephant Nursery came to be.  [Some fun product links posted on bottom.]