Mas Amor Movement: How to Spread More Love

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Just 3 more days and #MasAmorMovement officially begins!🤗❤️️  I can't begin to tell you how excited I am that you are here thinking about joining us in spreading more, much needed, love as of January 30th!

From sharing words of admiration to bringing a smile to a complete stranger, the goal of Mas Amor Movement is to come together and spread more love (click here to learn more about the movement).  Our first challenge is farely simple since our goal this week is to motivate as many people as possible to join #MasAmorMovement and help us spread all the love we can.

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CHALLENGE # 1 -Week of Monday, January 30th:

Monday morning I will post the image on the left to my Instagram account where you will each tag somebody who you admire and let them know why they are so amazing.  The catch to this challenge is that it has to be somebody you have never expressed your admiration to.  So step out of your comfort zone and tell that person why they are so amazing.  As a Collaborator, share an image on your Instagram Feed or Story asking your followers to participate in the challenge with a link back to the photo.

The challenges to follow will be much more fun and creative having you post your own pictures on your Instagram account as you complete your challenges.  Hint: one challenge will have you taking a picture with a total stranger!

P.S. After each challenge, I will feature the Top 5 Collaborator's on my website as well as on my Instagram story, with links back to your blogs and Instagram accounts.

Don't forget to share the love and tag #MasAmorMovement.  Let's make this huge!

Have a great wknd, love.

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Mas Amor Movement | #MasAmorMovement | #MasAmor | #spreadlove | #SpreadMoreLove |
Mas Amor Movement | #MasAmorMovement | #MasAmor | #spreadlove | #SpreadMoreLove |
Mas Amor Movement | #MasAmorMovement | #MasAmor | #spreadlove | #SpreadMoreLove |