Mas Amor Movement: Challenge #1 Top 5 Contributors

you are amazing quote image.jpg

Thank you so much to every single one of you who helped remind somebody just how amazing they are.  Over 100 unexpected smiles, about half that many teary-eyed reactions. Thank you for helping spread a little Mas Amor. 

Here's a recollection of my Top 5 Favorite collaborator's for challenge # 1:

juliecookies413 Love this movement!! I admire Inez @fortheloveof_mom for how she gets people together and builds community making it look so effortless.  (Check out Julie's blog: Fab Working Mom Life ).

hibbityhiphop your mommy life, your work life, your blog life, your gym life (your combined career life). There’s nothing you can’t do or won’t do and you do it with a smile. Where you find the time ...🤷🏻‍♀️ but you’re incredible a for doing it and being kick ass at it all.
kerthshaolin you are always ready to help your friends and family or even a complete stranger. Which is one of the reason people truly value your input. I know that you are a phone call way to help guide me for that I am grateful to have a friend like you.

_mayyyra_ you are amazing ❤️, as a young Mommy I admire your strengthen. You continue to amaze me on how you do it and alone at that! You are an amazing mother and I hope to one day be just as brave as you. I love you!

        _jlrxoo this made me cry. Like legit , in the bathroom at work ... I love you so so                       much , thank you , it really helps hearing this . You’ll be an amazing mom Comadre!

jacqueline__ana I don’t have to be near you to see the amazing mom you are. Being a stay at home mom is a full time job like no other and you are doing such a great job! Like mami always tell me, happy baby is the best sign that you’re doing things right. So just take a minute to truly value everything you do for your family.❤️ this made my entire day 😭😭 I wish i wasn't such a lame and missed            this because I really needed to see this earlier today.  Today was a rough day but                      thank you for this reminder ❤❤ I think you are an amazing mom too. I really don't                      know how you juggle it all and still look as amazing as you do. Argenis & the babies are lucky to have you.

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