How To Get Over First Date Nerves

How To Get Over First Date Nerves | First Date Nerves | First Dates | #FirstDateNerves | #FirstDate | #BlindDate | #ValentineDate | #Valentine'sDate |

Sorry, but contrary to what this post title implies, getting over first date nerves is close to impossible.

On February 14th, it will be exactly 4 years (2019 update: 5 years now) since my last 'First Date'.  Funny to think back now at how excited and anxious I would get before a date.  

What if we ran out of conversation? 

What if he tried to make a move and made the rest of the date uncomfortable? 

Should I just cancel and do my laundry instead?

The outfit... something hinting at sexy but pretty easily put together.

The perfume... Escada Magnetism.  One of my all time favorites.

My dad's advice was always started the same way. "Have money on you?  Never, ever, go on a date with no money." And being the old-school traditional man that he is, would always remind me to keep it PG at all times (Haha, seriously Papi?!).  Just to make it clear, I always did.

First Date Jitters.jpg

I can still remember how giddy and nervous I was as I met up with Argenis, my now fiancé, for our first date.  We took a shot to ease the nerves as we waited on our cab and headed over to Cebu Bar & Bistro, which is now one of our spot.

I can whole-heartedly say that 3 hours in, when we decided to walk home which was almost 2 miles away, I was 95% sure that he was the one.  If not the one, I knew he would be, at the very least, an extremely significant person in my life.  And I can now boast that he also felt the same way.

How To Get Over First Date Nerves | First Date Nerves | First Dates | #FirstDateNerves | #FirstDate | #BlindDate | #ValentineDate | #Valentine'sDate |

When getting ready for a date, remembering that they are most likely just as nervous as you are should help you relax. I know it's easier said than done sometimes but just take a deep breathe and go for it.  Worse case scenario, you have to use one of your lame excuses to get yourself out of there and it eventually turns into a funny story you share with your friends. Best case scenario, you realize your date is totally amazing and it turns out being your last, first date!

Do you have any first date rituals?  How do you deal with the nerves?  Any escape plan that you keep in mind?

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