Our Dream Wedding Planning Q&A

Argenis and I have been pretty stress-free with the wedding planning until I was lying in bed last week and realized we were just four months away from our wedding! I started having a mini panic attack as I did a mental run down on the endless list of things we still need to do. It’s approaching us so quickly and I know some of you have told me I haven’t really shared much on the planning process and it’s because I feel we haven’t done much yet!

A couple of days ago I asked what you would like to know so I’m answering your questions today!

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Did your usual photographer do your Engagement Shoot?

We actually booked our Engagement Shoot as an add-on with our Photo/Video package with Eivan’s. Our Engagement Shoot photographer was so laid-back and fun to work with. We did our first half of pictures at Bush Terminal Park and finished our shoot at Sweatbox Brooklyn.

Boxing Engagement Shoot.jpg

I loved your Save the Date magnets! Where did you get them from?

Thank you! I actually shared a whole post on them here. We got them from Basic Invite – and are getting our invitations there as well! (I know, a little late on ordering these.)

How did you know your dress was the one?

Funny story. I actually shared the story recently and a picture (NOT of the dress, of course) but when I was walking around with the Stylist while explaining what I was looking for in a dress, she held one up which I said was pretty but not for me. She then told me to just wait in the fitting room as she pulled out a few dresses for me to try on. She gets back to me and my Maid of Honor and the first dress she hands me is the one I had just said no to a couple minutes earlier. Annoyed I tell my MOH that I had told her I didn’t like it but still tried it on.

Thank goodness she disregarded my opinion because the dress was most of nothing of what I said I was looking for but it was EVERYTHING I wanted when I saw it on myself. I felt so beautiful and right away felt it was the one. I tried on a few more dresses after that one but none even compared to the original one. So the first dress I tried on, is the dress I said Yes to!

How many venues did you visit before finding the perfect one?

We went with the first one! We know what we want and making big decisions like this are usually pretty easy for us. We were looking for a venue with a beautiful outdoor space for our ceremony and for our reception, a space that we knew would really feel like us.

What are you most excited about?

This is a no-brainer. Just talking about our babies all dressed up and by our side on our special day is enough to turn us into a mushy mess.

What has been the hardest part of planning?

Finding the time to actually do it, for sure.

How do your little girl dreams of your wedding compare to the your dream wedding today?

The only thing I remember about my childhood wedding day dreams is wearing a beautiful, larger than life ball gown. That is not happening in real life. Truth is, no little girl dream I had can compare to the real life love story I am living.

Tell me about the decor!

Ahhh, I feel the stress building up! Romantic and airy is the look we’re going for but we haven’t actually picked centerpieces, flowers or any of the actual decor yet. It’s all in our head but nothing is concrete.

Any Bridezilla moments?

I have a cute Bridezilla mug that matches the mugs I gifted my Bridal party when I asked them to be a part of our special day but I don’t think I’ve reached that point yet. I am pretty sure though that it will creep in before our big day. Argenis on the other hand, although he will deny it, had a mini Groomzilla panic attack about enough not being done yet. I’ll admit it was actually cute seeing that he was also worried about it.

Dream Wedding Planning | Wedding Timeline | Wedding Planning 4 Months | Planning your own wedding | Romantic Wedding Planning | Wedding Planning questions | www.anajacqueline.com

Honeymoon destination?

We are pretty set on our destination but haven’t booked yet! We will hopefully get that done this upcoming week.

Bachelorette plans?

We were planning on going away to Jamaica for a weekend but with so many people involved, it was hard to get everybody on the same page, and for the same date, so we decided to do it here. As to actual plans, I have no idea! Our bridal party is in charge of the planning which I’m not sure if I'm more excited or nervous about haha.

How am I staying organized?

My Maid of Honor gifted me a Wedding Planner which, along with my Happy Planner, has actually helped my stay organized and in the know of where we should be at this point. Now to get on full Wedding Mode and start checking things off!

What’s the bridesmaid’s dress style?

I love the modern vibe to a mix & match Bridal Party and wanting each girl to have a dress that was flattering, we went with different styles. All long & flowy and in the same hue.

How did the bridesmaid dress selection go?

I had pre-selected styles before our appointment to save time. With some changes, in less than 2 hours, all 7 of them had ordered their dresses. Three dress changes in the two weeks following the original appointment and now they are all completely set.

Following a workout routine?

Hi stress, there you are again! We have less than 4 months to go so starting on Monday I will be super focused on my diet and workout routine. I will create a post on this but to give you a quick idea, I will be meal prepping for Monday-Friday. At the gym, I will start with boxing classes 4 times a week, for the first week, and then add jogging and weight-training because, well, we have less than 4 months to go!

Where are you registered?

We already live together and have everything we need so we’re pretty sure we are skipping the gift registry part.

Are you writing your own vows?

For sure! I’m actually looking forward to this.

Anything else you would like to know? Better yet, any tips for our wedding planning process?

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