For The Love of Boxing - Engagement Shoot

Boxing isn’t the starting point for many love stories but for us, it is everything so we just knew we had to get in the ring for a boxing engagement shoot.

Back tracking all the way until I was 19 years old, joining a boxing class isn’t something I would have even slightly considered. Not only was I over 40 pounds heavier but I also preferred watching TV over doing anything physical and flinched and covered my eyes during 75% of the boxing matches we watched at home. I was a new me though, I had fallen in love with exercising and wanting to try new things so neither my cousin or I thought about it twice before signing up for three times a week of boxing with who was described as the best at what he does. We bought wraps and gloves and showed up like two eager little girls, thinking we were so cool and bad-ass, to meet who would become my best friend and love of my life.

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There’s so much more to this story, maybe for another day, but I can’t leave out how just a week into training I gave him attitude because of a scheduling miscommunication and even though he was super chill about it and ready to accommodate me, I still stomped away. I know, so mature of me. Of course he laughed at me but still followed along until he convinced my stubborn self to go back into the room.

For five months we had no relationship outside of that boxing room but one last minute Valentine’s Day dinner, after hanging out the weekend before with my cousin, and we were hooked (pun intended). Boxing started it all off for us and even though I don’t have the time to regularly do boxing classes like I used to, whenever we get a session together it’s a special kind of spark all over again. Yes, I want to punch him in the face for half the workout but it also brings us back to that giddy place where we first fell in love.

After our pretty outdoor pictures at Bush Terminal Park, we headed over to Sweatbox Brooklyn, Argenis’ other baby, for a Boxing Engagement shoot. Here are some of our favorite captures with Jehovy from Eivan’s Photography behind the lens!

It all started very sweet and loving…

…Until Argenis tried to tell me he was the BOSS! Had to show him that like Achilles said, “Mami’s the Boss”.

And because the babies are the one’s who really call the shots. That’s a wrap!