How to NOT Forget About Your Relationship After Kids?

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Finding a balance on keeping up a relationship after having kids is something most of us, to not say all, struggle with.  I certainly don't have all the answers but here's what, through trial and error, Argenis and I have learned in the past two years about how not to forget about our relationship after kids.

Find new things to enjoy together

In the past, are our days of rolling out of bed after 10 a.m. on any given weekend and going for a boozy brunch, before we go for an on-the-spur adventure for the day. With 2 babies (2 and under) we have changed up our typical days out to be more kid friendly while still keeping true to ourselves. A typical family weekend outing for us is now, more like, brunch, nice stroll on Coney Island Boardwalk, and then enjoying some rides with the babies.

Date Night Without Babies

This is a must! Once a month arrange to have a day or at least a few hours without the babies. I admit I still feel guilty but once we're out and it's just Argenis and I, I quickly realize how much we need it. And the truth is that having that little escape to just remind each other of who we are together, helps us come home to be happier, better parents.

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Even when we can't get an actual date, sneaking in even an hour to have lunch, workout together, or just have a little alone time at the park while we enjoy the view and a beer, is great. And don't worry, if you're into the fit and active lifestyle, like us, I'll share our little non-guilty pleasure with you. Michelob ULTRA is so refreshingly good, with only 95 calories and 2.6 grams of carbs. So, all the deliciousness without the guilt. Limited quantities available, so to see where you can find your own Michelob ULTRA, just check here.

Speak Your Partners Love Language

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If you haven't read 5 Love Languages, you should. Quality time with your partner might be your #1 priority in your relationship, while for your partner it might be more about physical touch.

If you don't know yours yet, just take the quiz here and find our what you and your partners love languages are. 

Daytime Sex

Having a baby makes you realize just how laughable it is to think that you previously thought you had no time for anything.  Once you have children you have to get a little more creative and enjoy solo time whenever you can even if it means a quick love session while the babies nap.

Be Thankful

Everything I have now, I only dreamed of in the past. A loving relationship. Little feet running around the house. Giggles. Kisses and hugs. And so much love! Whenever I'm feeling the stress building up, I take a minute to just breathe and remind myself how amazing this experience truly is.

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