Baby Food (Just Like) Homemade

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I breastfeed and bottle feed. I feed Jade Avery home cooked meals and give her jars of baby food. As a part-time working mom of two (and even when I was a Stay At Home mom of one) who really has the time and, let's admit, energy to keep it up every single day.

Gerbers Just Like Homemade

Jade usually eats whatever we're having which is great because I don't have to go through the extra work of making food just for her and I still know exactly what I'm fueling her with. When it comes to picking baby food at the supermarket though, I'm that annoying person (hi, babe) who takes extra long reading and comparing nutritional facts just to make sure I choose what's best.

With so many misleading baby food options claiming to be the real thing, I was beyond ecstatic when I found Gerber’s 2nd Foods® Purees Apple and Carrots jars. So of course I decided to bring them home to test with the real judge.

Gerber's promise Anything For Baby is truly kept as they add nothing that baby doesn't need. Not only are their fruits and vegetable grown using Clean Field Farming practices but they are textured like homemade and taste like homemade (yes, I tried it myself just to make sure). Each serving of Gerber’s 2nd Foods® Carrots puree, contains 1 1/4 carrots! And the only other ingredient is vitamin C so believe me when I say, it's as close to homemade as if I had made it myself.

Gerbers 2nd Food Puree

These Gerber food puree's have been a win-win for both of us. I'm happy because I'm giving Jade the best nutrition possible even when I'm not preparing it myself, and she's happy because they are also delicious.

Don't just take my work for it, and instead use these printable Gerber coupons to taste test with your little one.

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