Easy Way To Teach Toddlers Math

(This is a sponsored post from Money Munchkids with my 100% honest review.)

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It is not surprising that math is the subject students considered the most difficult, as demonstrated in a poll Gallup conducted in 2005. Worst of all is that as we grow, it doesn't tend to get any better and many of us never learn to actually enjoy math.

Starting our children's math education at a young age is one way to help them understand it, and get rid of the fear of math that so many kids struggle with once they enter school.

Easy as 1-2-3

Once your toddler is 2-years-old, it's time to start teaching them to say the numbers 1 to 10. Once they have that down, start bringing in cereal, toy cars, or anything else that will catch keep their interest for a bit and make learning to count objects to 5 or 10 a fun game for them.

Teaching Toddlers Math

As a mom of toddlers, you know keeping their attention for more than 2 seconds seems almost impossible so if they're trying to run away from you as you start counting, leave it alone and try again later. 

When you're putting on their socks, count to two. When organizing their plush toys, count to five. Walking up the stairs? Make it a game to count each step. Count. Count. Count! This way you'll get them started on understanding that numbers aren't just words they recite, but actually stand for quantity. Be warned though, they'll soon realize that if they ask for 2 cookies, as opposed to just "cookie" they are supposed to be getting more.

stack and count

Stack and Count cups

Numbered stack cups are so simple but still one of Achilles' favorites. Numbered from 1-10 he loves to play around with them until he gets them all in order. I have to admit though, I think he enjoys knocking them all right out again a little more. 

money mogul in the making!

Your little cutie won't be a kindergartner for another couple of years but since my 2-year-old was so intrigued by my new find, I figured I'd share it with you.

Money Muchkids

As soon as your child starts grasping the concept of money and starts to believe that money is something that just appears in your wallet or that the bank provides you with endless amounts of it, it's time to bring financial education into the mix. Money Munchkids is a fun way of not just teaching them about numbers but actually helping them learn about finances in a simple way. The cherry on top for me is that they also have a Spanish version which is great if you're bringing up your children in a bilingual household like we are.

Money Munchkids - Make It, Count It, Keep It - activity books are aimed to teach kids to identify and understand the value of different coins and bills, while also learning about earning and saving their money.  Made fun through mazes, drawings, and even short stories, your little one is sure to have lots of fun while learning.

Money Munchkids

Achilles is way too young to understand the concept behind Money Munchkids just yet, but after watching his cousins have fun with it, he's all over it. I wonder if this means he's a little money mogul in the making! 

Once your child is at least 5-years-old this is a perfect activity book set that is both educational and fun.

What fun tips do you have for bringing math into our toddlers every day lives?

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