5 mistakes you might be making when buying "healthy'' food

mistakes buying healthy food

1.  Can somebody please tell me why the heck gluten became the boogeyman in the food world?!  Gluten-free doesn't mean healthy or less fattening.  Gluten is just a mixture of two proteins that is responsible for the elastic texture of dough.  So, unless you have celiac disease, gluten is NOT bad for you. 

2.  Skipping the canned good isle?  Don't.  Not all canned foods are created equally.  Canned beans, lentils, tuna and salmon (just to name a few) are not only convenient but are also super healthy for you.  Be smart and choose lower sodium options, canned in water whenever possible.

3.  I can't stress this enough and it actually makes me cringe a little when people think they're making the healthy choice by drinking fruit juice.  Not only is fruit juice deprived of fiber, which helps you feel fuller for longer, but it's also filled with unnecessary sugar.  Like everything, you can enjoy an occasional cup of juice just don't forget that it will add on the pounds if you over-do it.  What to do instead?  Stick mainly to water, ditch the cup of OJ and eat an actual orange.

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4.  Overloading on fat-free goodies?  No bueno!  Just because those cookies, chips and ice-cream are labeled "Fat-Free" or "Low-Fat" doesn't mean they're healthier or necessarily lower in calories.  In fact, lots of times it's the opposite since they're filled with a lot more hidden sugar and chemicals to make up for the taste.  I know, I was so sad when I first learned this too but truth is you're better off enjoying the regular 'full-fat' treats once in a while instead giving in to these "Fat-Free" versions trying to pass as healthier options.

5.  Following with #4, just because a bar is labeled "Nutrition Bar" doesn't mean it's good for you.  Once again, I know how annoying this is; especially when you're first trying to learn about what's healthy and what's not.  Some of these nutritional bars are actually stuffed with as much sugar as a regular candy bar which is why it's so important to learn to read the nutritional data on products.  Quest, Kind and Larabar are considered among the healthiest choices while Cliff, Luna and ThinkThin fall into the category of unhealthiest bars.