What does dreaming I am pregnant mean?

For a span of about three years, until I was 22 years old, I would have recurring pregnancy dreams. All the dreams were different but they were all the same in that I was a pregnant virgin who had no idea how I had suddenly became pregnant. I know, sounds very familiar but I assure you I am no Virgin Mary.

Dreaming That I Am Pregnant

In the real world, though, I WAS still a virgin so why the heck was I dreaming that I suddenly had a huge belly but always able to successfully hide it from everybody around me? One dream went as far as me giving birth in a pool and then having to make up a story about it being my friend’s baby. So bizarre. Trust me, I agree with you but aren’t the dreams we remember most vividly the ridiculous ones?

Anyway… I don't know why but curiosity piqued me again last week and I decided to look into dream symbols and the meaning behind my pregnant dreams. Not to mention that dream interpretations are always fun.

I was clearly no where near attempting to have a baby during that time so I knew it had nothing to do with my inner clock trying to tell me time was ticking. It also wasn't a sudden need for providing nurture and care. According to Dream Moods though, my recurring dreams were actually a representation of the growing and developing that I was going through. The birthing of a new idea, direction, project or goal.

When these dreams were going on I was majoring in Communications/Journalism so the random pregnancy dreams make complete sense. Not only was I growing into myself (I actually still am) but I was also dipping my feet into my first media jobs.

It's always so interesting to me how from the most common dream to the straight out bizarre and outlandish dreams, there is typically a very clear message as to where we are in life. Our subconscious mind works in mysterious ways to try and give us hints that we otherwise sometimes fail to grasp.

On the subject of dreams, my favorite dream to date is from years ago. I dreamt with my great-aunt who was a devoted Catholic and had recently passed away. I was hanging out at the pool with my ex, my brother and his girlfriend. In my dream she walked across the water, came to me, crossed me and gave me her blessings. It was so simple yet so touching and life-like that to this day I cherish it almost as much as a real life memory with her.

I find that people, those we have really loved find a way into our dreams. Or maybe it’s just our subconscious minds helping us feel a little closer to them. Whatever the reason is, I don't mind it at all.

What's the craziest dream you've ever had? Have you had a recurring dream follow you throughout the years?

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