How many children do you hope to have?

The other night Argenis and I were reminiscing on how much fun and how many on the spur adventures we took during our first year in a half together. We had no babies. Everything was just about us two. And the memories we created are amazing! But we both agreed that our surprise baby bump came just at the right time.

...and just under seven months later, baby bump #2 made it's debut!

Two Under Two

Achilles is 2 years old, and Jade's first birthday is right around the corner. So, of course, as any other reasonable parents we are already discussing baby #3.

Argenis is much more spontaneous than I am so for him, right now would be absolutely perfect but, for me, choosing the right time is a little more complicated. First of all, there's the obvious fact that I'm the one who is physically pregnant for 9 months and unless I can somehow (fingers crossed) have a vaginal birth after two c-sections, I have that to recover from. 

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Even though I'm super good with it, in comparison, I really dislike having limitations so it stresses me out more mentally than physically.

For us, perfect timing would be right around Jade's 2nd birthday. That would have us with a 4 year old, 3 year, and a newborn... piece of cake!

How about you? How many children would be ideal for you? Bunched up together or preferably spaced out?

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