When No Amount of Justice is Just

Sometimes no amount of justice will ever feel just. Loved ones can't be brought back to life. There are mother's who won't be able to hug their children ever again. Father's wont be able to have "the talk" before a big date. 


No matter how we look at, all the justice in the world can't take the pain away. Every night since Thursday, I lie in bed and my heart breaks a little more for Junior's mother.

Pure evil took the innocent life of a 15 year old. Not just the gang members but those who did nothing. They didn't kill him but they let him die. They did nothing to protect this child.

As men. As fathers. As human beings. They did absolutely nothing. Where were their hearts?

How can you possibly tell me you felt like a decent human being when this boy was dragged out of your store? How can you say you did all you could when this boy came in taking his last few breaths, still fighting to survive, and you told him to go as you continued with your business transaction as if it were just another person coming in asking for an item that was out of stock, like your compassion.

I am not trying to turn this blame to anybody but the actual murderers but in my heart, and in many hearts, each one of you in that store, the person recording, those who just stood and stared in shock instead of carrying him to the hospital, are all guilty.

Everyone who has re-posted the gruesome video, his last farewell picture, you are all guilty. Guilty of helping create a world where we watch and comment but do nothing.

Now it's up to me. It's up to every single parent to help raise the children we want our children around. Understanding that we are not raising our babies for ourselves but to go out into this world and make it better. To teach them to love, to be compassionate, to help raise each other up. To freaking be aware. And help a stranger out in a moment of despair.

For every single parent, sister, brother, grandparent, friend, who has tragically lost a loved one, my heart goes out to you and if it helps at all, I promise I will find a way, as little as it may be, in taking responsibility in becoming part of the change we need.