Life With Two Toddlers

The days of having Two Under Two are past us, and as I type this I realize how badly I wish I could slow down the hands of time. Fast forward to today, life with two toddlers, a 2-year-old and a 1-year old (14-month-old to be exact), and having them so close in age has been one of the best things that has ever happened for us.

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Hearing Achilles ask for Jade as soon as he wakes up and seeing her face light up when he walks into her room, makes my heart skip a beat. So much so that I sometimes peek into her room, making sure not to make a sound, just to watch them for as long as I can before they realize I am there. When Achilles tries to hold Jade’s hand when we’re walking. The random hugs and kisses. Watching them growing up as best friends. Or watching Achilles hand Jade my handbag as she walks over to us, blows us a kiss, waves and says “Bye, babe”. So many this is life moments in life with two kids that make us feel like we can just continue to bring more and more babies into the world.

Of course it’s not all made up of cute little moments though. Oh, don’t be fooled by these adorable little humans or all of our pretty pictures. More times than not, I am stepping on lego’s. Transferring milk to Achilles’ purple cup because how dare I give him his blue cup that day. Taking an old cheerio out of Jade’s mouth, and by taking out I mean holding her head down with one hand as I pry out the cheerio with the other hand while she wiggles and complains like I’m taking away her only meal of the day. [I am well aware that I can only thank myself for the dramatics in the family.] Can’t forget that time when I had to take Elmo out of the toilet and explain to Achilles that he can only swim in the tub.

And let’s not forget Papi and me. You know, these two love birds who decided would bring our love to life with these little cuties. 90% of our time together is spent chasing opposite kid in the park, watching cartoons which we sometimes forget to change for up to 15 minutes after they are both already in bed, or splitting up a fight because they both want the same ball despite the fact that they have about 10 other balls rolling around.

Yes, life with two toddlers is messy but it has been the most beautifully chaotic chapter of our lives. And when people comment how full our hands must be, I just smile because our hearts are so much fuller.

How many little ones do you have? What’s your ideal perfect number?

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