Self Care Tips for Moms

When we become moms, and I’m sure it doesn’t matter how many children you have, it’s easy to become so consumed in your role that you forget about everything else. When I became a first time mom, it was hard! Argenis opened up the boxing gym within the same week that we became parents. My parents went back home after a week of me being home and with Argenis consumed with a new business, most of the day I was home alone, recovering from a c-section with a newborn who’s life solely depended on me. I was in love, terrified, the happiest I have ever been, and also a little angry because I didn’t have my parents near me to experience this with.

I think it wasn’t until after my second pregnancy, when Jade turned 3 months old, that I actually started slowly finding ways to fit in time to take care of myself. I’ve created this Self Care Tips for Moms list that doesn’t always go as planned (Welcome to Parenthood!) but has helped me a ton!

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It’s insane how so many of the things that bring us simple pleasure change after becoming a parent. Having the house to myself for a few hours to clean has become so therapeutical to me. The freedom to clean the house without two little tornado’s right behind me as if on a mission to purposely undo what I have done; and officially starting off the weekend without having to step on 143 toys on our way from the bedroom to the living room is pretty nice.


I know, I know, it’s easier said than done but please just let go of the mom guilt! Stop looking at what everyone else is doing that you’re not doing, and focus on all that you ARE doing for your children. We’re all just trying to make sense of this journey called parenthood as best as we can and just because it might seem that other moms or dads have it all together, all the time, they don’t. Messy house, toddler tantrums, becoming overwhelmed and yelling, not enough veggies… we’re all going through it. Just breathe.

You know those days when all the stars align in your favor and you feel like you truly are the best mom ever for your children? Hold on to those days and soak it all in when your child says “I love you, Mami!”.


My passion? Creating. Writing. Putting my voice out into the world. And right now, it is through these words that you are reading. Lots of people tell me they don’t know how I manage being a mom of two toddlers, a fiancé, a Paralegal and a blogger, so effortlessly. I have to say that it is anything but without effort. Lots of effort. Most weekday nights I’m not cooking dinner until after 9:30pm (or Argenis is because he doesn’t mind cheffin’ it up as well) which also serves as lunch for the next day. I then go on to sacrificing my beloved sleep 5 nights a week to fit in at least 2 hours a night to focus on my blog. Of course I wish I could just enjoy those extra hours of sleep but never as much as enjoy doing what I love.

So whether it’s going to bed later, waking up earlier, or taking time in the middle of the day; make sure to make time for whatever your passion is. Whatever it is that excites you, find time to do that.


I’ve said this before, a lot, but only because it’s so true! Argenis and I seldom get a date night so we squeeze in a little alone time where ever we can, which usually means lunch together every other week, typically at Mad Dog and Beans, which is one of our spots. Since we don’t really have a sitter, we take advantage of most Friday’s by dropping them off at daycare for a shorter day and then enjoy breakfast at a little local Dominican restaurant we like.


Self Care Tips for Moms

I don’t care what kind of exercise you do, find something you enjoy and and let those endorphins do their job. Yoga, weight lifting, boxing, dance class, whatever you do, just sweat it out. Working out releases endorphins which trigger a positive feeling in your body. Regular exercise also boosts your self esteem, helps keep anxiety and depression away, improves sleep and reduces stress. Do I really have to keep going on how helpful exercise is for everybody but, in this case, especially for us moms looking to create our own Mom Self Care list of ways to show ourselves a little love? Here are 5 Tips for Fitting in a 30 Minute Lunch Break Workout like I do. Taking care of yourself literally means taking care of yourself so put up the music and get that booty moving.

Self Care Tips for Moms | Mom Self Care Tips | Mom Self Care | Self Care Tips | Mom Life Hacks | Mami Life Hacks | #SelfCareTips | #MomSelfCareTips |


For me, pampering myself is as simple as being able to regularly have my eyebrows and manicure done or going for a massage at least once a year. Ahhh, so relaxing! If you have never had a professional massage, please try it out. I didn't truly understand the hype until I got my first good massage. Thanks babe! I may be exaggerating just a teeny tiny bit but a good massage is life changing and will have you feeling brand new and ready to face all the tantrums your baby has up their sleeve for you.

Taking time to put these Self Care Tips for Moms to use will help you be a better mom to your cuties. What’s something else you would add to this Mom Self Care list?

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