Pumpkin Picking: Family Fun

Por fin! We finally went pumpkin picking and checked off one of my Fall Bucket List activities and also completed another first for all four of us!

Right here in Brooklyn, we headed to Green Meadows Farm for some family fun. Beside pumpkin picking we also got to walk through a kid-friendly haunted house which Achilles and Jade completed like champs!

We enjoyed a hayride, sat on bulldozers which they thought was the coolest thing ever, and saw cute animals from llamas to silkie’s -which are fluffy white chickens from China- but honestly, I’m not a fan of farms or zoo’s because I don’t believe the animals are happy to be there.

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Once we got to the pumpkin patch, Jade kept going for the cute little pumpkins while Achilles kept going for the bigger ones and, of course, threw the first one across the patch like it was a ball! Oh, kids…

Here’s a quick picture recap of all the cuteness pumpkin picking was for us.

Any other fun activities you’ve done while pumpkin picking with your little ones?
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