Toddler Potty Training Fail

Potty training my toddler? Puh-lease, how hard can that be? Every kid eventually learns to use the bathroom on their own and not to mention, I was ready for this!

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His own toddler potty? Check. Fun underwear? Check. Constantly talking to him about his potty chair and just letting him sit on it? Check.

Day 1: He had his cute sharks underwear on and I asked him if he wanted to go 'pipi'. He followed me to the bathroom, sat down, and like magic, peed away! That was sooo easy and I was convinced I was a baby/toddler whisperer.

He continued to sometimes successfully go in his potty, and other times he would go in his room, our room, the kitchen, the living room... You know, very normal situation when you have a toddler or puppy living with you. I knew it was part of the process and that eventually he would completely get it. One day while no one was looking he quietly went to his room and pooped behind his bedroom door! I was certainly not expecting that.

And he continued to do it over and over again. We would always know he had to go #2 because he'd try to hide in a corner or go to his room. We would ask him and he would say 'no' but would try to get us to leave him alone. And we'd have no option but to just give in because poor kid would hold it in for dear life until we left him alone. But poop on the potty? No-no.

I eventually decided to give in to him wearing diapers again at home, not feel bad, and just be OK with considering myself a failure at potty training my 2-year-old. So it was back to square one of just following his lead a bit more, seeing him read a book during potty time until he eventually got it all on his own!

Toddler Potty Training | Potty Training | How To Potty Train Toddler 3 Days | How to Potty Train | #pottytrain | #howtopottytrain | #pottytrainingtips | #pottytraining |

At this point we are about 95% potty trained as long as we're home because he still doesn't want to use any potty that's not ours or at daycare but the point is: don't over-stress. Your toddler will eventually learn to use the potty all on their own. Just lead the way and then back off a little and Mr. or Mrs. Independent will take over as soon as they are ready.

What has been your biggest potty fail? Any tips on making potty training easier?

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