Your First Kiss: How Was It?

I was 14 years old, in the hallway of my aunt's building in Brooklyn, while on vacation from Florida where we lived for 2 years before moving back to New York. Anyway, I was 14 years old, he was 16, and my first kiss was nothing like I had expected. 

awkward first kiss

I had been crushing on this boy for about 2 weeks, which at that time felt like 2 years, so when he came in for the kiss all I remember is how I nervous I was. We started kissing and it was actually really sweet until his hand unexpectedly landed on my right boob! Totally not expecting that! We suddenly heard keys jingling and it was my aunt headed our way. We hid and ran back outside before she had the chance to notice we had just shared the most awkward first kiss ever.

I was such a drama queen. Yes, I said was; that I went to bed that night and cried because I had let him touch my boob and "omg, what is he going to think of me?". Luckily that didn't matter much because my very mature 14-year-old self just avoided it completely for the rest of the summer and our first kiss was the only kiss we ever shared.

It's funny now when I reminisce but it certainly wasn't the sweet, fairytale first kiss I had in mind. Now that I think about it, it actually wasn't until my third first kiss that I had my first movie-like kiss.

How old were you when you shared your first kiss? Was it sweet? Awkward? Yucky? I'd love to hear... 

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